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Haven't gotten enough of The Happiest Person In America?  Here's more!


Website for The Happiest Person In America


Trailer for The Happiest Person In America


Facebook page for The Happiest Person In America


Fractured Atlas's Dedicated Page for The Happiest Person In America

(our short film's fiscal sponsor, and an awesome resource for independent artists)


Imdb page for The Happiest Person In America

(for the low-down on the whole crew)



Sara's Musings for Others


Sara's Investigations for The Blog @ Boston Court

Sara snoops inside actors' cars, opens the drawers of writers' desks, and other similar adventures. . .

Hilariously (and inaccurately) referenced by Yahoo! New Zealand.


Sara's Thoughts for the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative

Sara's in-the-moment thoughts on writing, directing, and sources of inspiration.


Interviewing Christopher Durang!



Other People's Awesomeness

(vendors & collaborators I love and you should too)


Archetype DVD

DVD duplication, equipment rental, and other services for actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors and other aritsts.

Archetype DVD (and its owner, John T. Woods) make me wonder if such a good thing can really be true.  (Spoiler alert: It is.)


Chic Geek Tech

Technology advice and services for small business owners.  With a very stylish aesthetic to boot!


Mia Lobel Audio Production

Podcast production, field recording, tape syncs, voiceover work (plus really insightful journalism).





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