Directed by Sara Israel

selected projects



photo credit: Noelle Swan Gilbert

Hamlet:  written then\for now



for Marlborough School (Los Angeles, CA)

Anne Scarbrough, Artistic Director

Text by:  William Shakespeare                   Conceived & Edited by:  Sara Israel      Produced by:  Gleason Bauer    

Choreographer:  Cassandra Daurden      Fight Choreographer:  Doug Lowry      Sound Designer:  Molly Bremner

Costume Designer:  Kharen Zeunert        Set Designer:  Sara Clement                 Lighting Designer:  Hilda Kane   


A production with 25 Actresses, age 13-15.







Featured on E! Entertaiment Network's "The Daily 10" show


World Premiere


for The Blank Theatre Company

Young Playwrights Festival (Los Angeles, CA)


photo credit: Rick Baumgartner

At the first flush of Spring, a young woman runs away from home to fall in love, with a one-eared poet and the invisible Breeze vying for her heart.

(a romantic dramedy)


Written by:  May Treuhaft-Ali         Produced by:  Stacy Reed

Cast:  Will Barker, Heather Morris, Michael Welch


The Home Schooling of Jonathan Anderson



for Theatre of NOTE (Los Angeles, CA)


World Premiere


Written by:  Sean Lewis              Produced by:  David LM McIntyre  

Cast:  Keith Allan, Michelle Gardner, Rick Steadman


As the final benchmark before celebrating Jonathan's 8th grade graduation, his survivalist parents require that Jonathan shoot his father in the head.

(a dark comedy)


Is there a mathematical formula for achieving happiness?  The Happiest Person In America explores this possibility, and one woman's quest to learn from the one man who has perhaps mathematically "achieved" it. Set at the cultural intersection of American Judaism and the Asian American experience, the film tells an unexpectedly funny and subtly insightful story about what we lose and what we gain throughout our lives, and how those transactions affect our identities and our happiness-- even while we must acknowledge that there are some aspects to each of us that are immutable.


Running Time = 15:21

Available for Festivals and Screenings


The Happiest Person In America

a short film


photo credit: Robert C. Webb

Written by:  Sara Israel                                 Produced by:  Sara Israel & Andrea Kaufman                            

Executive Producer:  Brandon Kjar            Director of Photography:  Robert C. Webb     

Production Designer:  Thomas Meleck     Editor:  Debra Weinstein                  


Cast:  Liza Lapira, Shiri Appleby, Steve West, with Dale Dickey, and Michael Paul Chan

smell or

The Most Amazing Pooper Scooper in Freedom Kansas and Maybe, Just Maybe, the Whole Wide World



for PS ARTS (Los Angeles, CA)



World Premiere


photo credit: Richard Tatum

A woman takes civic duty to new levels of commitment, and winds up a talk show sensation.

(a comedy)


Written by:  Sara Israel         Produced by:  Sara Israel, Dylan Jones, Liza Lapira

Cast:  Bernard Burlew, Monica Horan, Michael Hyland, Liza Lapira, Dana Peterson,                       

           Elly Silberstein, Amy Weaver, Michael Welch


The Sixth



for Snapshots (Los Angeles, CA)



A Woman, A Man, A Park Bench, A Psychic, A Groupon. . . Destiny, or maybe not.

(a romantic dramedy)


Written by:  Sara Israel         Produced by:  Nicki Georgi & Lara Wickes

CastIndia de Beaufort,* Todd Grinnell, Sally Pressman*  (*alternating)


photo credit:: Marilyn Galosy

Babs the Dodo



Millions of viewers tune in every day to “@ Home with Babs Gillespie™” on the ShopMore Network™.  Babs is One Rare Bird™.  But Babs is turning 50 tomorrow, and finds herself. . . facing extinction?  A tragic run-in with an online dating site and a Magi-Peel Vegi Peeler™ reveals that all may not be as it seems.

(a sad comedy)

for The Blank Theatre Company (Los Angeles, CA)

staged reading series



Written by:  Michael Mitnick         Produced by:  Stacy Reed         Sound Design by:  CO-PILOT

CastBonita Friedericy, Norm Johnson, Terry Rhoads, Amy Weaver


Jenna and the Ark



for The Blank Theatre Company (Los Angeles, CA)

staged reading series



As she fast approaches her 16th birthday, Jenna is learning she must view her parents, her neighbors-- and the 23 year-old substitute teacher she's sleeping with-- as grown-ups, just as she much view herself.

(a dramedy)

Written by:  Julia Burtt Meltzer        Produced by:  Stacy Reed      

Cast Christian Anderson, Wilson Bethel, Maddie Bukowsky, James Eckhouse,

           Cassidy Lehrman, Keliher Walsh, Constance Zimmer


I Love The Things I Hate About You

a t.v. pilot, industry reading



Abby struggles to fulfill her vision for a last-minute party, navigating her husband, her brother in-law, her best friend and her husband, her old roommate, and her own expectations.

(a multi-cam comedy)

Written by:  Patti Carr & Lara Olsen

Cast Shiri Appleby, Grace Eboigbe, Zander Eckhouse, Chris McKenna, Eric Nenninger, Amy Turner






for Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH)




In a large country house in Derbyshire in April 1809 sit Lady Thomasina Coverly, 13, and her tutor.  Seen through the window are some of the "500 acres inclusive of lake," where Capability Brown's idealized landscape is about to give way to the "picturesque" Gothic style: "everything but vampires," as the garden historian Hannah Jarvis remarks to Bernard Nightingale when they stand in the same room 180 years later.  Taking us back and forth between centuries, Arcadia explores the nature of truth and time, the difference between Classical and the Romantic temperment, and the discruptvie influence of sex on our orbits in life-- "the attraction which Newton left out."

(a dramedy)

Written by:  Tom Stoppard         Produced by:  Imran Ansari

The Gallerist




for The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

Seedlings Series (Topanga, CA)



From his cell in a Manhattan jail, the British-born gallerist, Bertram Plover, speaks to his fellow prisoners. Charged with assault and vagrancy, he claims his behavior was caused by a painting depicting a grotesque monkey whose sordid history was recorded by his great-grandmother nearly a century ago. . .

(a dramedy)

photo credit: Fengar Gael

Written by:  Fengar Gael       Produced by:  Jennie Webb

Cast Will Barker, Joanna Bateman, Misha Bouvion, Mary Jo DuPrey, Tim Halligan,

           Ron Morehouse, Taylor Jackson Ross


Flamboyance Tower




for Sacred Fools Theater Company

Fast & Loose Series (Los Angeles, CA)



world premiere



A woman with miles and miles of buried secrets  checks into a depressing room of a downtrodden hotel.

(a comedy)

Written by:  Jeff Goode      Produced by:  David LM McIntyre & Scot Shamblin

Cast Kathy Bell Denton, Donnelle Fuller, Heather Klinke





for The Plainfield School (Plainfield, NH)




A production with 50 actors age 13-14.





Written by:  William Shakespeare       Edited by:  Shakespeare & Company (Lenox, MA)     

Produced by:  Ariel Bock for Dartmouth College



Twigs and Bone




for UCLA

Marianne Murphy Women & Philanthropy Series



Moira returns to her parents crumbling home in the middle of nowhere to discover that they are teetering on the edge of madness.  As she tries to pull her parents out of the muck and away from the brink, terrible family secrets are revealed.

(a gothic drama)

Written by:  Tiffany Antone     

Cast David Bickford, Sharon Madden, Karen Jean Olds


Four Corners



for The Blank Theatre Company (Los Angeles, CA)

staged reading series



Four young women confront the ever-changing nature of friendship and the profound effects of the failure to communicate.  In direct addresses, including moments of stripped omniscience, the four women connect their stories, inner-thoughts, and ultimate fate to the events that unfold around the constancy of the rickety back table at their home-town luncheonette.

(a drama with comedy)




Written by:  Sara Israel       Produced by:  Darin Anthony & Jessica Hanna

Cast Grace Eboigbe, Dylan Jones, Anne Touchette, Amy Weaver, Caryl West


From the Rubble



for Dramatists Guild of America

Footlight Series (North Hollywood, CA)



A woman and a man are left behind in their office when natural disaster strikes.  They are stuck there, alone and at odds, until a less-than-reverent God intervenes.

(a comedy)




Written by:  Tiffany Antone      Produced by:  Larry Dean Harris

Cast Dale Dickey, Angel Parker, Mark Silverberg


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